Tuesday, February 14, 2012

new blog!

i created a new blog since i got married so if you wanna keep up with me and travis  our new blog is trav-jenjackman.blogspot.com

Thursday, September 22, 2011

life since i moved to provo part 2!

So one evening Drew, Sarah, Ryan, and I decided we would go longboarding. Drew said he knew of a place to go that wont be too bad, so we go to a apt complex called Y- mount married housing  it had a road that goes down and it would be fun so we do it. so we go to the top speed on longboards scare me cause the board can wobble right out from under you. every one starts, im starting out slow cause i dont want that much speed well that didnt work im going down and i passed ryan cause he jumped off before he started going to fast. well by the time i reached him i had speed wobbles and knew i needed to get off so i thought well i could just jump but that will hurt so i decided to run off, that would have worked if i could run that fast but i couldnt and fell ripped 4 holes in my jacket, one in my shirt, and 3 in my pants. scrapped up my chin, knee and shoulder. mu shoulder wasnt to bad. at first i didnt know i cut up my knee. so after i fell i grabbed the board and went and laid in the grass there ryan came run to see if i was ok i knew i hurt my chin was cut up cause it hurt i didnt cry from the pain but cried when i saw i ripped my nice jeans! so drews friends wife is a nurse or going to school to be a nurse so she helped fix up my chin and then i had a feeling to see if i cut my knee and yep i did worse than my chin it was gross it had road stuff and jean fabric in it definitelyn hurt to clean out and from here on out it hurts to kneel on but i can at least walk normal haha  here is a picture its not very good but of my chin and the tiny one on my arm.

Kami finally came home from Belize

oh before she came home though i went to az to meet my niece katarzyna reese peak i love her to pieces!!!
she is now 3 1/2 months old! oh i just love her and miss her i gotta find a way so she knows im her favorite aunt. 

this is from when i got to meet this little one now she looks like this

Also i started dating this guy

Monday, May 23, 2011

life since i moved to provo..

Many trips to COCOA BEAN

Festival of CoLoRs!!

Roommate group date we built a fort and played games :)

Dates to my favorite place NICKEL CITY :)

Ward Oscar night :)

i learned how to tie a tie

many games night and um attempts to throw cards to get a good picture haha :)

Devee's birthday!

January 2011- mid April 2011.. M8 is great! i love these girls. best roommates ever!!

after all these great adventures i am still making adventures but i have since moved from m8 to m10 and in mid june i shall be moving to m6 where kami will be joining me when she gets back from Belize... oh and i shall post again later about my last adventure longboarding...

Monday, January 17, 2011

life is great!

so life has changed so much... i once again moved to an apartment in Provo and i love it! my roommates are so awesome! love them!
since moving to utah i have also made alot of great friends. and im still loving my job! i have a great boss and great co workers!
my parents moved again also and are now living in santaquin in an a apartment at my aunts house till they can save and get a house of their own..
soo picture time sorry its alot but alot has happened since in moved here..
Megan & I hiking the Y
Megan, Angela, and my family at Cascade springs!Jared surprised my mom and came to visit on his way to AZ

i went to vegas and saw a friend and their family
played pool with friends.
made many many cookies with friends and took them to people in our ward.went to temple lights in salt lake.

fantastic sams work party

AZ trip just before christmas!